Equine Facilitated Activities


In addition to individual counselling sessions, Equine Facilitated Wellness Activities provide group experiences:

  • Corporate Retreats
  • Support Groups 
  • Team Building Events
  • Women's Empowerment Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Couples
  • Friends & Family 

Badge of Life Canada

We are honoured to partner with Badge of Life Canada to provide the equine portion of their programs:

The Hero’s Call
S.O.L.E. Sistas   

Badge of Life



 Comments made by a few of our clients after six sessions of Equine Therapy:

“The gentleness of the therapists combined with the gentleness of the horses is a healing opportunity not to be missed”

“The horses are amazing and so are the staff”. 

“Equine Assisted Therapy has been the only thing that’s even come close to working for me”. 

“I was on 18 meds, years of psychotherapy, 2 trips to inpatient hospital and a lifetime of frustration- short answer: desperation brought me here.  It's a miracle, I have never felt so calm and at peace within myself.
Thank you"